Tsukushi was born in southern Japan. Growing up on the Pacific coast,
she observed the power of the ocean in every season. The undulating
effects visible in her work reflect the natural forces of wind, waves,
storms and calms.
The paper collage technique she uses allows her to recreate the
movement of nature, providing a sense of texture as well.

Tsukushi lived in New York for several years and her work is now marked
by the influence of two very different, but very strong cultures.
Welcome to Tsukushi's world and enjoy!

Graduated from Saga Art College, Kyoto

Solo exhibitions
2004 Tokyo, Art Space Eumeria, 'Works in New York'
2000 New York, Gallery Juno, 'Portraits in Cut Work'
1999 New York, Gallery Momo, 'Cut Works by Tsukushi'
1996 Tokyo, Libro Book Center, 'The Original Works of Children's Picture Books'
1994 Tokyo, Gallery Ouji Papers, 'Silent New York'
1993 Tokyo, Dentsu Ado Gallery, 'Portraits of a Strange Giant'

1999 'The Original Art '99'
1999 New York Society of Illustrators
1993 Japanese Typography
1991 Japanese Typography

Children's illustrated books
The Drums of Noto Hanto, DK Inc.
Road Movie, Sanshusha Publishers
Sentimental Journey, Sanshusha Publishers
Salaryman, Sanshusha Publishers

Book covers
Jill Churchill, Susan Andersen, Carola Dunn, Patti Berg, Lynn Emery,
Kasey Michaels, Elaine Fox, James D. Doss, David Stukas, Karen Kendall,
Jenna McKnight, Susan McBride, Judi McCoy, Dixie Cash, Robyn Amos,
Kim Wong Keltner, Elaine Viets, et al.

The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, House Beautiful,
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, et al.

Posters for Mitsubishi Bank, Caravan Coffee, films 'Otokoha-tsuraiyo,'
television 'Sutekini-Onnazakari,' company magazines and brochures for JTB
YHP, Fujitsu, et al.

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